About Black State

A secret group of scientists called the Architects summons you for a mysterious mission.
Save the captives and uncover the truth behind a cataclysmic event.
But none of you know what's behind the doors. Are you ready to open them?

Black State opens a new door in the single-player, story-driven,
action-adventure TPS genre, offering a photo-realistic action experience
with countless elements of surprise that gamers have been demanding for so long.


Real-Time Door Mechanics

Seamlessly transition between levels with no loading screens. Discover diverse locations and enjoy dynamic gameplay.

Weapons and Tactical Gadgets

Master a variety of guns and tactical gadgets.
Every decision counts in intense combat.
When time slows down, every move matters—choose wisely.

Enemies and Close Combat

Take on elite human forces and relentless Robosapiens.
You can't just wait in cover; enemies have unique skills,
and if they sense your presence, they can call for reinforcements.
Stealth is key, with over 100 brutal, cinematic kill moves.
Precision and cunning will lead you to victory.

Boss Fights

Face epic bosses with unique patterns and mechanics.
Adapt, learn, and exploit their weaknesses. Each boss fight
is a thrilling challenge that pushes your skills to the limit.